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"Is it eradicating evil? Or are we like children, left alone in the house at night, who light candle after candle to keep away the darkness. We don’t see that the darkness has a purpose – though we may not understand it – and so, in our terror, we end up burning down the house!"
 Crysania Tarinius 

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Huma Dragonbane (? PC– 1018 PC), born Huma of Eldor, was born the son of Durac, a Knight of Solamnia, and Karina. He had one other known relative named Rennard who was his father's brother. Huma never knew his father, because Durac was killed one year after becoming a full Knight, while protecting a pass from Hylo that would have flanked the Knights. Lord Oswal of Baxtrey took Huma under his wing, and told Huma he had always viewed him as a son.

A story also states that Huma and Heart had one son named Liam of Eldor, who came back to Krynn and fought a Chaos Dragon. It was also said that Laca Dragonbane and his son Aglaca Dragonbane are both descendants of Huma's family.

Huma when he was grown was known to be handsome, with weathered features, slight gray in his mustache and blonde hair, a soft visage, and large in size. He was also known to have worn a suit of full plate mail called the Plate of Solamnus.

Early Life

While growing up, Huma had only one true friend in Magius. While Magius wanted to become a great War Wizard, Huma's mother wanted Huma to claim his birthright as a Knight of Solamnia.

Third Dragon War

Huma got his first taste of battle almost as soon as he became a Knight. While he was out on one patrol, his group came upon a band of Goblins. Sir Rennard put him in charge of a few Knights to attack them. Huma led them bravely into battle, but a dreadwolf spooked his horse and the horse ran off with Huma still on him. The horse plunged to its death and knocked Huma out.

When Huma came to a few hours later, he stumbled around until he came upon a few goblins harassing someone. He attacked the camp to free the person, only to find that it was a huge Minotaur. Huma spared the minotaur and found his name was Kaziganthi de-Orilg, and Kaz swore he would follow Huma for saving him. Huma told Kaz his name also, and Kaz declared that his name was a strong, warrior's name.

While traveling back to the Knights camp together, they were attacked by a group of peasants. They demanded that Huma allow them to attack Kaz. Before that could happen, a Silver Dragon saw Kaz and Human and scared off the peasants, but Kaz immediately attacked the dragon. The silver dragon pinned him to the ground and was going to kill him, but Huma was able to talk Heart, as her name was, into sparing Kaz's life. Heart offered to allow Huma to ride upon her back while Kaz walked on the ground back to the front lines. Kaz stated that he owed Huma two debts, one for his warrior's ability to save him from the goblins, and another for using his words to save him from the Silver Dragon.

Upon returning to camp, another battle took place between the forces of good and dark. Huma was on the front lines fighting to hold them back, only to be knocked unconscious. When he came to, he awoke to seeing the most beautiful person he had ever seen. He found out her name was Gwyneth, and that she was a healer's assistant in the camp.

The Testing

Following another battle, Magius came to Huma and asked him to come with him. Huma and Kaz went with him to the Citadel of Magius, where they are temporarily imprisoned. The citadel was attacked by the forces of Galan Dracos, and Huma and Kaz escaped, but went separate directions. Along their escape route, they were pursued by the Black Guard and dreadwolves. Huma single-handedly fought off his pursuers and continued on his way. He was eventually captured by Guy Avondale while going to the mountains to assist Magius in some way. When clerics of Morgion captured him, he was eventually freed in an attack, but wandered off again with Magius.

Eventually the two made it to a Solamnic outpost, and there they met back up with Kaz, who was captured by the Knights there. Huma was again able to save Kaz from death, and the three of them journeyed off again, but this time a knight named Buoron was to accompany them. They make their way into the Last Gaard Mountains, and found themselves lost. Huma found his way to a strange cave where he met up with Gwyneth again mysteriously.

Three Tests

Gwyneth informed Huma that he might be the one who symbolizes everything Paladine has tried to teach. He has three tests, one for each of the Solamnic Triumvirate. His first test was the great Wyrmfather. After initially running from Wyrmfather, Huma finds a green sword call the Sword of Tears, which he uses to kill Wyrmfather when the dragon tried to eat him. He then found the mirror Wyrmfather was referring to and vanished into it, only to appear in Vingaard Keep.

His next test involved his uncle Rennard. Huma found out that his uncle was the one behind the death of the Grand Master Trake of Baxtrey, and was able to chase him from the keep. When Huma was returning to find the great weapon again, Rennard confronted him. He defeats Rennard, finds out about his history and that Rennard was really his uncle, and allows his uncle to try and redeem himself rather than being killed. Once this happens, and he saw the Scarlet Plague take over his uncle, he vanishes back to the mountains.

When he arrived back at the spot where Wyrmfather died, he picked up the Sword of Tears and knew that he could destroy anyone. Huma though would not be leaving with the sword. He was confronted by the gray man, and suggested to leave the evil sword behind. After an internal battle with himself, he drops the sword and it vanished. After doing that, he passed all three of his tests.

The Dragonlance

After passing his tests, Gwyneth took him to receive the weapon he had been searching for. There he met the creator, Duncan Ironweaver, and was given the Knights salvation in a weapon called the Dragonlance. Huma then met back up with his companions, found out that Magius was trying to sell him out, but forgave him. Together they all were returning to Solamnia when Crynus confronted them. A battle ensued and Huma and Heart were able to destroy him, by first beheading him and then having her dragon breath of fire breathed on him. Magius was captured in the process by Galan's minions.

Final Conflict

Guy again stopped them and he informed them that he would be returning with them with the dragonlances. Upon returning, Huma formed a band of twenty dragon riders to protect Vingaard. Some of the twenty were Marik Ogrebane, Bennett of Baxtrey, Derrick, Hallerin, Guy Avondale, and of course Kaz. Of the original twenty, only nine survived for the final confertation against Takhisis. When they went to attack her though, only Huma was allowed to venture forth and do battle.

In the final battle, Heart and Huma were the only ones able to attack the evil goddess Takhisis's aspect. Together they charge in and pierced the blue head on her mammoth body making her feel pain for the first time, but this cost them both. Heart was struck a violent blow that sent both her and Huma tumbling. Heart was able to make a landing that would save Huma, but she would pay dearly for it. Heart would die from her injuries sustained in her battle with Takhisis, but she did get to hear Huma admit that he loved her before that came.

Huma then went to where the struggling goddess was thrashing around. When he arrived overlooking her, the green head blasted him with chlorine gas and he fell, breaking many bones and sustaining a life ending in jury. Before he died, he made Takhisis promise to leave Krynn along with her dragons. She agreed to it, and Huma asked Kaz one last thing, and that was to pull the dragonlance from her body. Huma died shortly after seeing his last deed done while holding his amulet to Paladine and thinking of his beloved Gwyneth.


Following Huma's death, the people and the Knighthood demanded a temple and a tomb for their hero. Huma was buried in Huma's Tomb in Foghaven Vale.

Other Names

Huma has been named many different names over the years including Huma of the Lance, Huma of Eldor, or Huma the Lancer. Most commonly he is referred to as Huma Dragonbane.

Other Legends

There are many legends surrounding this great man. One of which is that the Forest Master of Darkenwood claims that he place his dragonlance at her feet. It is unknown if this is true. It is also stated that he saw a great White Stag who led him to Ergoth and he was introduced to Gwyneth. It has also been said that Huma liked to play a game called Knight's Jump, but this is also unknown. In the Canticle of the Dragon, it states that he traveled to the High Clerist's Tower, but it is unknown if he really did or if this is just legend.

One other legend, was that Huma took charge of the armies and led them on a summer campaign. Huma used the dragonlance to destroy an obelisk which in turn banished Takhisis from Krynn but killed him in the process. And his love, Heart, was not killed in the battle.


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Huma of Eldor
Name Huma of Eldor
Alias Huma Dragonbane, Lightbringer, First Lancer
Birth 1 PC
Death 1018 PC
Race Human
Gender Male
Nationality Solamnic
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour
Class Warrior
Occupation Knight Of The Crown
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